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Protect Your Assets in a Divorce

Asset division is an issue in any divorce which must be resolved between the spouses, either through negotiation, mediation, or litigation. As a community property state, California law dictates that marital assets will be split evenly in as equitable a manner as possible in the event of a divorce. Marital property consists of all of the assets, including real estate, investments, bank accounts, vehicles, boats or other recreational equipment, art, jewelry, and anything else procured during the marriage. These assets will need to be identified and valuations made to finalize the terms of the divorce judgment. As a Pasadena divorce lawyer and mediator with decades of experience in protecting the interests of his clients, Mark Baer can provide competent and skilled legal representation in any dispute over asset division in a divorce.

Asset division may become a complicated issue in a divorce where there are complex financial holdings which will need to be sorted out before a settlement agreement can be reached. Especially in high net-worth divorces, you will need the skilled and experienced assistance of an attorney like Mr. Baer when so much is at stake. The laws can be very complicated in these issues.

Mark Baer firmly believes that competent people making informed decisions can agree on anything they want, that is not illegal or otherwise in violation of public policy. He has written extensively about the grave mistake of confusing "legal justice" with "fundamental fairness." He feels that people should be made aware of the law in order to make informed decisions, but is against coercing them into reaching agreements based upon what someone predicts would occur inside a courtroom. Family law differs from state to state and country to country. In fact, California is only one of nine states that have community property laws. In other words, what occurs in court varies significantly based upon nothing more than which state or country in which jurisdiction lies at the time of the divorce. Mr. Baer therefore does not believe in forcing people to resolve their matters based upon what anyone believes may occur in a courtroom.

Despite lore to the contrary, most divorcing couples are able to resolve their issues regarding division of property and debt without resort to a court's decision-making process.

To get experienced and competent assistance in resolving the issue of asset division, it is strongly advised that you contact his firm to arrange a consultation with Mr. Baer about your situation as soon as possible.

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