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Named "Most Compassionate Family Mediator" in California for 2015

It's a widely known fact that divorce is typically a highly complicated, stressful and difficult process. For most people, marriage and divorce go beyond the normal realms of a simple relationship, for marriage is just as much a financial investment as it is an emotional one.

If your marriage is headed towards divorce, it's absolutely essential that you enlist the services of a seasoned Pasadena divorce attorney as early as possible in the divorce process. Attorney Mark B. Baer has been practicing family law in the greater Los Angeles area since 1991. In 2015, Corporate America Magazine named Mark Baer as the "Most Compassionate Family Mediator" in California, an award only given to one attorney in the entire state. Over his twenty plus years in practice, he has successfully helped innumerable clients reach their goals in their divorce proceedings.

Helping Couples Resolve Their Differences

In every divorce, it will be necessary to address critical issues regarding the couple's asset division, debt division, property division, and spousal support (if any). If the couple has children together, it will be necessary to work out child custody and visitation, as well as child support. A divorce can take two directions, it can be handled in a constructive or a destructive manner. As Mark always reminds his clients, "Like it or not, if there are children of the relationship (regardless of their age), the family still exists after the relationship ends. The manner in which you end a relationship determines whether your family will be functional or dysfunctional from that day forward. Almost all divorces occur because of some level of conflict between the spouses.

The adversarial system certainly does not reduce that conflict. If there are children of the relationship, we should be attempting to reduce the conflict. That certainly cannot occur in an adversarial system. The amount of damage that the adversarial system causes families is a matter of degree - some more than others. In mediation and collaborative divorce, we focus on the interests, needs, values and goals of the parties. It is well established that mediation is beneficial when you have communication problems with your former partner, which frequently occurs around the time of the separation. A professional mediator can help you come to terms with separation and divorce, including parenting issues, financial issues or both. Mediation is a collaborative effort in dispute resolution that involves each party in the decision-making process. By involving an independent third party (the mediator) and a neutral location to discuss and resolve issues, mediation helps you settle matters for yourselves, thereby making arrangements that are far more likely to meet the needs of all those involved. Today, mediation is becoming increasingly popular, even in the United States.


Research shows that if the marital estate is $4,000,000.00 or less, any financial gains obtained through aggressively litigating the case will generally be less than the attorneys fees and costs incurred in obtaining such gains. While any financial gains obtained through aggressively litigating high-net worth cases (marital estates above $4,000,000.00) may be more than the attorneys fees and costs incurred in obtaining such gains, the parties should also consider the emotional toll and permanent damage it will cause the family. It's always preferable to use alternative methods such as mediation and collaborative divorce over a long and drawn-out courtroom battle.

Couples that aggressively litigate their divorce case generally suffer severe emotional wounds which remain with them for a significant amount of time and which often prevent them from allowing closure and moving forward with their lives. They sometimes feel as though they had little involvement in the process and that the court made a decision with which they have to live. Mr. Baer has done extensive research and writing on this topic, which can be viewed in the Articles, Blog and Press/In The News sections of this site.

Pasadena Mediation Lawyer Mark B. Baer

Mark B. Baer has been practicing family law in Pasadena and the greater Los Angeles area since 1991. He is a trained mediator and has worked with clients in all types of family law matters including divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, and property division.

As a mediator, Mr. Baer cannot represent either the husband or the wife. He would be able to inform both parties of their legal rights but would not offer legal advice to either one. At the end of the mediation, both parties will have agreed to all stipulations of the divorce and Mr. Baer prepares a customized divorce agreement accordingly.

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