Blog Posts in July, 2010

  • In theory, it is best when parents with minor children are able to work out a custody and visitation arrangement on their own when they separate and/or divorce. After all, the matter involves their children/family and wouldn't they know what is best for their particular situation? Not always! I was recently representing a father of three (3) minor children in a divorce case in which he and his ...
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  • Drug and Alcohol Testing in Child Custody Cases

    || 20-Jul-2010

    At a party on May 8, 2010, I began chatting with a woman who told me the sordid details of her ongoing custody problems after she learned that I was a family law attorney. Among other things, she informed me that the Court had ordered that her ex-husband submit to random drug testing after she convinced the Court of his history of drug usage and its impact on his fitness as a parent. The Court ...
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  • The Way In Which Individuals Respond To Losses Relating To Divorce

    || 12-Jul-2010

    My last Blog entitled, " Emotions Play an Integral Role in Divorce Proceedings and Therefore Must be Understood by the Attorney " explained that "the emotional impact of a divorce is as severe as that of a death in the immediate family" and that "most of the literature on the psychology of divorce treats divorce as the death of a relationship." At the conclusion of ...
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  • Due to the holiday and my birthday celebrations, I did not write a Blog article for this week. Instead, I began the following discussion on the Discussion section of my Facebook Fan Page: "Should the way in which a religious leader conducts his/her personal life impact his/her career itself?" This is the first Discussion I commenced and I would appreciate as many people as possible ...
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