Blog Posts in June, 2010

  • My last Blog entitled, " Empathetic Family Law Attorneys " explained the unfortunate reality that while lawyers tend to "lack sensitivity to human, emotional and interpersonal concerns," in the field of divorce/family law, such attorneys cause a great deal of damage to families. In an article entitled, " Divorce and Your Emotional Needs: What You Should Know to Survive ...
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  • Empathetic Family Law Attorneys

    || 22-Jun-2010

    My last blog entitled, " The Cause and Effect of the Historical Shift in the Role of Attorneys " explained that a lawyer's role in peacefully resolving disputes ended in the 1960's, when individuals began pursuing the practice of law seeking wealth and power rather than to address social issues and to help people. The personality characteristics of those entering the field of law ...
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  • The Cause and Effect of the Historical Shift in the Role of Attorneys

    || 7-Jun-2010

    Historically, a lawyer's role was peacefully resolving disputes, not creating them. A reversal of that role seems to have occurred as a result of a change in the type of individuals entering law school. According to a June, 1997 article from the American University Law Review entitled, "Lawyer, Knowing Thyself: A Review of Empirical Research on Attorney Attributes Bearing on ...
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  • Does Anyone Tell the Truth Any Longer?

    || 1-Jun-2010

    I was recently involved in a case in which I was retained to defend my client against an attempt to obtain a restraining order against him. The party seeking the order (the "Petitioner") alleged that she was fearful and afraid of my client, who was "bothering" her because he "seemed to feel that [she was] in his debt." In her moving papers, which she signed under ...
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