Blog Posts in May, 2010

  • "Battered Wife Syndrome" and Domestic Violence Allegations

    || 25-May-2010

    In response to my blog about false allegations and domestic violence, a few woman advised me that their request for a restraining order had been denied or that their attorney advised against pursuing it and that such a result conflicted with the findings that the system was set up to encourage false allegations of domestic violence by actually rewarding the accusers. Interestingly, each of those ...
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  • The Real Problem with the Department of Children and Family Services

    || 17-May-2010

    On May 16, 2010, in a news story entitled, "Many tips on LA's child abuse hotline unresolved", the Los Angeles Times reported on the fact that thousands of tips (more than 18,000) go uninvestigated within the time mandated by the State, even though the deadline for completing such investigations was recently increased from 30 to 60 days. In response, Troist Ploehn, the Director of ...
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  • False Allegations of Domestic Violence

    || 12-May-2010

    Domestic violence and child abuse are terrible crimes, and those who commit such crimes should be severely punished. An allegation of domestic violence is made in approximately 25% of divorces. Moreover, such allegations are more common in relationships involving children. What is the relationship between domestic violence and the existence of children in the relationship? Do children somehow ...
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