Blog Posts in 2013

  • God Bless America!

    || 12-Oct-2013

    Some things are just too coincidental to actually be coincidental and we can find the connection if we look hard enough. In " From mere coincidences to meaningful discoveries," Thomas L. Griffiths and Joshua B. Tenenbaum said, "By attending to coincidences, we have the opportunity to discover that our beliefs are false, and to develop more accurate theories. Our sensitivity to ...
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  • Guardianship

    || 18-Jul-2013

    There are certain circumstances in which someone other than a child's parent might obtain legal and physical custody over a child—or in other words, obtain guardianship of the child. This means that this adult will care for the child just as a parent would, provide all of the child's everyday necessities (such as shelter, food and clothing) and make important decisions concerning the ...
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  • Supervised Visitation in California

    || 12-Jul-2013

    Many divorces result in one parent having primary custody of his or her child and the other parent having visitation rights. While the court generally attempts to respect parents' rights to see their children and spend time with them, certain restrictions on visitation will be imposed if believed to be in the best interests of the child. One example of this is when the court orders monitored ...
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  • Mr. Baer Published in New Book Written by Industry Leaders

    || 11-Jul-2013

    Experts in their respective fields contributed chapters to a book titled Inside the Minds: Strategies for Family Law in California, 2013 ed. The list of those writing the book included both powerful figures and industry leaders. Pasadena family lawyer, Mark B. Baer, was approached to write a chapter for this volume. He was honored to be considered alongside these prestigious people. Mr. Baer has ...
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  • Currently, there is a loophole in California law that allows individuals to seek spousal support even after they are convicted for sexually abusing their children or their spouses' children. After a CBS2 news story brought light to this issue, a California legislator is now proposing a Bill that aims to close that loophole, CBS recently reported. CBS2 had previously done a story on a woman ...
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  • Instant Gratification or Long-Term Growth?

    || 22-May-2013

    Last night, a colleague of mine praised me both for my passion and for my marketing skills. I was very pleased that Tawnya Gilreath took it upon herself to correct his misstatement. She stated that I am very skilled at educating people and causing them to think. I must admit that both statements are accurate. If I were not able to effectively get my message out to others, how would I be able to ...
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  • Child Custody & International Child Abduction

    || 11-Mar-2013

    The United States welcomes people from all over the world with open arms. There are a tremendous number of families in the United States where one or both parents are immigrants, lawful permanent citizens, or citizens enjoying dual-citizenship both in the United States and their nation of origin. Divorce is a fact of life, and in the United States, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. ...
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  • A Comparison Between Actual War and Family Law Litigation

    || 9-Feb-2013

    It has long been said that the tongue is sharper than any sword. In fact, the Bible says, "Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing." (Bible, Proverbs 12:18 (NIV)) Of course, in litigation, we place such words into correspondence, declarations and pleadings in an effort to coerce a "settlement" or otherwise persuade a judge. As they say, ...
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