Blog Posts in October, 2015

  • The Cost of Court Inefficiencies

    || 26-Oct-2015

    I felt compelled to document on my blog the Facebook status update I posted while in court this morning for people to more easily find. The posting was as follows: I'm in court to walk a stipulated judgment through. It is now 9:52 a.m. and the judge has yet to take the bench for the 8:30 a.m. calendar. Meanwhile, people are paying their lawyers to sit and do nothing while the judge takes his ...
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  • Last night, I was interviewed by Jan Stevens on KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO - CBS Los Angeles. The topic was what must be done in order to properly address the police abuse issue and establish trust between the police and the citizens they are employed to serve and protect. I was appalled over the weekend, when I read articles which stated that law enforcement officers are not able to properly perform ...
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  • On January 13, 2011, in Michael Cassel v. The Superior Court of Los Angeles County, the California Supreme Court held that mediation confidentiality prevents the admissibility of evidence relevant to a legal malpractice claim if that evidence involves attorney-client communications "for the purpose of, in the course of, or pursuant to" mediation. Since that time, there has been a huge ...
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