Blog Posts in 2018

  • You Want This Lawsuit Served When?

    || 14-Feb-2018

    Imagine particular dates and holidays that bring you joy and that you associate with romance and pleasant memories. Now, imagine how you would feel if you were to experience something traumatic on one such date. For example, imagine you're a parent and that your child died on Mother’s or Father’s Day, depending upon whether you're a mother or a father. How do you think that ...
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  • Why Do People Encourage Conflict Escalation?

    || 8-Feb-2018

    On July 10, 2016, I fainted after injuring my back while working out at the gym. On January 11, 2017, I underwent back surgery, which was a complete success. In the six months between the injury and my surgery, a great many family members, loved ones, friends, colleagues, and even people I hardly knew offered advice for non-surgical options and referrals to professionals who provided such ...
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  • "Trying to Share Custody of My Kids with My Ex"

    || 3-Feb-2018

    Someone recently posted the following comment in an online support group: “My biggest issue is trying to share custody of my kids with my ex who is not looking out for my kids best interests right now. I wish he was rational. It is to spite me for leaving him - he makes the wrong choices for the kids.” When someone says “trying to share custody of my kids with my ex,” does ...
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  • If, as a result of age or otherwise, you were asked to do any of the following, what feelings and emotions might you experience? Stop driving; Stop managing your own finances; Get your financial affairs in order; Discuss your living situation; Discuss your ability to care for yourself or the caregiving you receive; Discuss other people’s concerns regarding your health and safety; and Discuss ...
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  • Children Aren't Possessions To Be Divided

    || 19-Jan-2018

    I recently read the following post on Facebook: “Desperate for advice: My current custody arrangement is 50/50. Her dad has her Mon-Wed and every other Sunday. He went to see a lawyer about taking her away from me on Thursday and Fridays because I work nights, but she is taken care of so I am not sure what to do. It’s a really good job, so changing that is not an option. I ...
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