Collaborative Divorce

Well, for couples getting a divorce, the process can be traumatic, expensive and filled with uncertainty, but as legal expert, Mandy Medrano reports, there's an alternative called collaborative divorce that is catching on inside the law.

Mark Baer: Emotion is what makes the divorces as expensive and difficult as they are.

Reporter: Pasadena divorce lawyer Mark Baer has represented clients in hundreds of divorces. Many celebrity divorces have been characterized by expensive and traumatic court battles. That's why attorney Baer is a strong proponent of collaborative divorce. The couple decides to work out their difference by using a team of experts - including attorneys, mental health specialists and accountants.

Mark Baer: Each of those people are involved on a team that works together with both spouses to resolve their marital issue in a manner which is not destructive - it's constructive.

Reporter: The key advantage of collaborative divorce is that is pares down the emotion and trauma of a breakup which hinders resolution.

Mark Baer: If somebody is getting a divorce they are generally told to go and hire a sharp lawyer right away and their judgment is clouded.

Reporter: Collaborative divorce should definitely be considered when kids are involved.

Mark Baer: Even more important, when you have children of the marriage (and it doesn't matter if the children are five or the children are thirty-five) you are still a family afterwards.

Reporter: Attorney Mark Baer says that collaborative divorce also saves couples thousands of dollars.

Mark Baer: It's one half to two thirds the expense of a litigated divorce - even with all the team members being paid - because when you think about it, the lawyer is the most expensive person on the team.

Manny Medrano: So to get started, a divorcing couple literally signs a contract agreeing to participate in collaborative divorce. From KTLA's "Inside the Law," I'm Manny Medrano.

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