Pre nup news clip

It used to be that husbands-to-be wanted their brides-to-be to sign prenuptial agreements. Now, there's a big increase in women wanting the legal document signed before they walk down the aisle. Manny Medrano is here now with some expert advice inside the law. Manny, how are you this morning?

Manny: I think a lot of us learned something today because the times, they are a changing and nothing's more evident than when it comes to prenuptial agreements. It turns out that more women than ever are demanding prenups before they tie the knot.

Celebrity women have long been using prenups. Elizabeth Taylor's seventh husband, Larry Fertensky got only one million dollars after the divorce because that's what the prenup spelled out. Britney is no doubt happy she had Kevin Federline sign one; he also only got about one million after the split. And Nicole Kidman's prenup entitles Keith Urban to $640,000 every year that they're married.

Mark: Women are on par with men.

Reporter: Pasadena divorce lawyer, Mark Baer says that it is no longer just celebrity women that are demanding prenups. Now the public wants them too especially as women climb the economic ladder and now often make more money than the men they plan to marry. One reason for a prenup is to provide for kids from a previous marriage.

Mark Baer: They have a reason to do a prenup because they need to or want to protect children of a previous relationship.

Reporter: Another reason for a prenup is to protect assets.

Mark Baer: The women are wanting to prenuptial agreements in order to protect that which they had going into the marriage.

Reporter: And equally important: protecting a pension and retirement.

Mark Baer: If a person wants to make sure that it's not divided - and they get to walk away in the event the marriage ends with their entire retirement intact - they have to contract with that way in advance with a prenup.

Reporter: Attorney Baer says that women are even demanding cheating clauses because of the possibility they will have to pay alimony.

Mark: Women get more upset typically than men when they have to pay it - especially if the reason that marriage is ending is because the husband was unfaithful.

Manny: Well, here's the bottom line: Regardless of your gender, if you're thinking of getting married, you might want to consult a family law attorney to see if a prenup is in order.