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Sam Lutfi Claims Brittney Spears Shaved Her Head to Avoid Drug Testing in Child Custody Battle
Sam Lutfi Claims Brittney Spears Shaved Her Head to Avoid Drug Testing in Child Custody Battle

– Earlier this month Brittney Spears' former friend Sam Lutfi testified in court that Brittney Spears shaved her head in 2007 because she was afraid it could be tested for drugs. Lutfi said that Spears was afraid the results could be used against her by her ex-husband Kevin ...

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Blog Posts in 2012

  • Former Lesbian Couple Fight for Parental Rights in Egg Donor Case

    On October 2, 2012 a child custody case was brought before the Florida Supreme Court. The judge overseeing the case listened to arguments over a child ...

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  • Why Clients Should Take Some Responsibility for Their Dissatisfaction with the Ultimate Outcomes of their Cases

    Maybe clients would be more satisfied with the outcomes of their cases if they changed the way in which they interviewed and selected the attorneys ...

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  • The Real Life Consequences Resulting from Families and Society Shaming Homosexuals.

    I have never been one to mince words. The reason that so many homosexuals have issues with their sexual orientation is because of the shame they ...

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  • Response to the article and underlying findings that divorce is too expensive for the poorest Americans

    On August 20, 2012, an article titled “ Divorce Too Expensive For Poorest Americans, New Study Says ” was published in The Huffington Post. In my ...

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  • Why Attorneys Tend to Disregard Information that Might Help to Improve the Profession

    Family law is not spandex and therefore one-size-fits-all does not work.I will be the first person to agree that there is no process for handling ...

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  • Did President Obama "Declare War on Marriage" by Expressing His Support for Same-Sex Marriage?

    On May 9, 2012, President Obama made the following statement regarding his personal view on the issue of same-sex marriage: "I have to tell you that ...

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  • Why I Am Determined to Help People Embrace a More Family Oriented Approach to Divorce and Family Law in General

    Litigators have been destroying families for decades, including mine. I was a child of divorce . My parents divorced in 1984 and hired very ...

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  • Mark Baer's Keynote Speech Given at The Divorce Expo in Detroit, Michigan on March 23, 2012

    Like it or not, if there are children of the relationship (regardless of their age), the family still exists after the relationship ends. The manner ...

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  • Judicial Bias - A Variable That Is Often Overlooked in Family Law Litigation

    “It is generally agreed that a litigant is entitled to have her case decided by a judge who can approach the facts in a detached and objective manner; ...

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