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Pasadena High Net Worth Divorce Mediator

High net worth divorce proceedings require the skill of an experienced mediator who can protect your interests because there is so much more at stake. These cases tend to be highly contested with issues like support and division of marital assets and debts at their core. You do not want to place your future in the hands of a legal professional who is inexperienced in such matters.

Pasadena Family Law Mediator Mark B. Baer has been working with clients in high net worth divorces since 1991. He works with clients throughout the greater Los Angeles area including Beverly Hills, Long Beach and Santa Monica.

Support & Property Division in Pasadena High Net Worth Divorces

California law as it pertains to high net worth divorces differs significantly from other divorce cases in ways that can make an enormous difference in the final outcome. One example is the fact that the court may choose not to apply guidelines in child support calculations in high net worth cases. This gives the spouse who will likely be paying support considerable leverage in negotiations that your attorney must be able to handle. Through using mediation, you can sidestep this unfair decision altogether.

Fair and equitable property division is also extremely important in these cases. Determining a fair value of assets and debts, including investments, businesses and real estate and whether separate property assets should be used or considered in support calculations is a large part of high net worth divorce proceedings and the law surrounding such issues is very complicated.

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