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Relationships of all kinds can become complicated and involve stressful tensions and disagreements. They can become aggravated by seemingly irreconcilable differences or hurts. Mr. Mark Baer is here to help you navigate difficult relationship struggles like these, by impartially guiding you and the other person toward peaceful resolutions. Mr. Baer not only understands all of the legal implications your disagreement may involve, but he understands how relationship dynamics work and what areas need to be addressed in order to move forward.

Heralded as a compassionate mediator with a thorough understanding of modern psychology, Mr. Baer is prepared to help you face your conflict and come out the other end satisfied and at peace. You need someone who can help facilitate respectful discussion and ensure that all the important aspects of the situation are brought to light. Sometimes the individuals involved in a disagreement struggle to see all sides of an issue, and would benefit from a mediator who can walk them through each step with a calm and steady presence.

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For Mr. Baer, his practice is about peacemaking and problem-solving, not fighting or using the law to exact revenge. Sadly, too many people, whether involved in a divorce or not, turn to these methods as a way to get what they want. Even more unfortunate is the fact that many lawyers encourage this approach, which only stirs up resentment and conflict.

Whatever your relational conflict is, Mr. Baer is here to help you sort through the matter with reason and fairness, compassion, and empathy. You don't need to give up, and you don't need to become aggressive or vindictive. You may be surprised by the good that came from Mr. Baer's creative solutions and peacemaking strategies.

If you are worried about how to involve the other person in the conflict, Mr. Baer can help facilitate the meeting himself. He will be there to mentor you through the process, guiding you toward harmony with the other person.

Seeking help from an experienced mediator during this difficult time is the first and best step.
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