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If a married couple decides to no longer live together due to a breakdown in their relationship, they may file for legal separation. Legal separation solidifies any agreements regarding spousal support or alimony, child custody and visitation, distribution of property, and more.

Many couples pursue this route instead of or prior to divorce for a variety of reasons. They may choose separation over divorce in order to maintain tax benefits, to avoid the wait-time and complications that divorce litigation often involves, or for personal reasons related to religious beliefs or other concerns about divorce. A couple may also choose separation if they simply want time and space to decide if the finality of divorce is necessary, or if their marriage can be repaired in the future.

To file for separation, you must submit the proper paperwork to your county court. In it, you must state the grounds for the separation; in California, the two permissible reasons for separation are incurable insanity or irreconcilable differences. The other party does not need to agree to the separation taking place, but he or she does need to sign on an agreement regarding finances, property division, child custody, etc. Mediation is a great way to reach such agreements.

Look to a Mediator During Your Separation

Pasadena Mediator Mark Baer can help you and your spouse sort through your options for a separation agreement, and mediate your decision-making process. With 25 years of experience handling family law cases and conflict-resolution sessions, Mr. Baer is ready to help ensure that your separation is handled with care.

If you have already decided on separation and agreed to terms, but are interested in conflict-resolution consulting for the sake of the relationship, Mr. Baer is also available to help. Although you may have separated on grounds of “irreconcilable differences,” you may find this to be untrue after seeking mediation services from an experienced professional. Sometimes all you need is a safe place to clearly communicate your side and a trusted mediator to help make sure that both parties are heard and respected.

If you are looking for assistance with filing for legal separation, or would like mediation regarding 
your separation, Mr. Mark Baer can provide the compassionate assistance you need. Call (888) 844-9530.

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