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Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial Agreement Mediator in Pasadena

Whether you realize it or not, everyone who gets married enters into a default prenuptial—or premarital—agreement defined by the Family Law Code of where you live. Oftentimes, couples are unaware of the implications of this code and end up facing much hardship if they pursue a divorce. In the absence of a customized premarital agreement, all property shared by the couple during the marriage will be split according to the property division laws of the state.

In California, the property will be divided evenly by default. Oftentimes one or more members of the marriage find the division to be unfair or financially crippling, and regret not having created an agreement before.

Furthermore, disagreements over finances are a common cause of marital conflict leading to divorce. A premarital—or prenuptial—agreement can help prevent these kinds of conflicts later on down the road, stopping the divorce from happening in the first place. By defining clear expectations and understandings prior to marriage, you can save yourself a lot of heartache and headaches in the future.

Premarital agreements can determine the following:

  • Which items of property will be owned jointly and which will be owned separately
  • Who will manage the property and what rights they will have with it
  • Terms of wills, trusts, and estate plans
  • Protection from a spouse’s debt
  • Whether both spouse’s income, retirement, and other wealth will be shared or kept separate
  • Terms for spousal support, asset division, inheritance, etc. if the marriage is later dissolved

Get Help Creating Beneficial Marital Agreements

Marital terms can also be established in a postnuptial agreement, or a “marital agreement,” which takes place after the couple becomes legally married. Similar to a prenuptial agreement, a marital agreement can settle terms for financial concerns, including roles and responsibilities related to finances and property. Creating an agreement while already married can be a way to settle or resolve disagreements that the couple did not foresee prior to the marriage.

An experienced mediator can help ensure that your agreements are drafted properly and fairly. Better yet, a trusted mediator can help you navigate the interpersonal and emotional side of the process. Pasadena Mediator Mr. Mark B. Baer is here to help guide you and your spouse through the decision-making process by helping resolve any disagreements and making sure that both parties are fully aware of the legal and personal implications of their marital agreement.

For help with creating a premarital agreement or with navigating any conflict related to an agreement,
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