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Palimony is financial support or property division that takes place after a cohabitating, unmarried couple ends their relationship. The term is a play on the word “alimony,” which refers to financial support that a person pays their former spouse after they get divorced. Unlike alimony, palimony extends to couples who were never married. The law does not require individuals to pay or engage in palimony; it is up to the couple to enter into a contract agreeing to participate in palimony upon the dissolution of their relationship.

This provision was enacted as a result of a 1976 California Supreme Court decision in which it was ruled that unmarried persons who have dissolved their relationship may seek legal enforcement for terms they had agreed upon prior to their relationship’s dissolution. Palimony is also referred to as “Marvin Law” or a “Marvin claim,” as the attorney who won this trial was named Marvin Mitchelson and his client Michelle Marvin.

A palimony agreement does not need to be formal or written, but if one party believes his or her former partner violated the terms of an agreement, he or she can file a Marvin Claim. One can also file a Marvin Claim if they feel that they are entitled to some financial support or property after the relationship ends, even if no agreement was expressed prior to this point.

When Marvin Claims are being evaluated, the following will be taken into consideration:

  • The reasonableness and fairness of the request
  • Details of the couple’s former relationship and cohabitation (e.g. length of relationship)
  • If there is any evidence of an agreement having taken place prior to the relationship ending
  • Whether one party financially supported the other
  • Who paid for which items of property

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