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California law takes domestic violence and spousal abuse claims seriously. Unfortunately, it has been found that people often make false allegations of domestic violence in order to gain exclusive use and possession of the family residence and/or to limit the other parent's access to their minor children. Such a misuse of the legal system has dire consequences.

Pasadena Mediator Mark Baer has done extensive research and writing on this subject, which can be viewed in the Articles, Blog and Press/In The News sections of this site. In fact, he wrote an article entitled "Philosophy and the Law" after his friend's brother took his life after losing his business, home, family and dignity as a result of false allegations of domestic violence by his wife in a divorce proceeding.

Victims and those accused of committing domestic violence both have rights in such situations and an experienced family law mediator can help to see that those rights are protected without going straight to litigation. Mark B. Baer is a skilled family law mediator. He has been helping people throughout Pasadena and the greater Los Angeles area with domestic violence and other family law matters since 1991. He uses careful mediation techniques to see that his clients' interests and well-being are fully protected and preserved.

Representing Both Men & Women

Mr. Baer has worked with clients on both sides of the domestic violence issue. He knows the law and how it applies to both the accuser and the accused. He is committed to his clients and uses mediation to protect their rights without worsening the situation through contentious litigation. If the client is accused of domestic violence, Mr. Baer will investigate the claims of the accuser and seek to disprove any false accusations by negotiating wisely. If a restraining order is issued in the case, Mr. Baer can help with regard to visitation schedules, custody rights, and support issues.

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Call today to discuss your case with Mr. Baer. He will take the time to listen to your concerns and help you understand the legal issues involved. He will let you know how he can help and what the next steps should be. Mr. Baer is available during regular business hours and by appointment.

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