Mr. Baer Published in New Book Written by Industry Leaders

Experts in their respective fields contributed chapters to a book titled Inside the Minds: Strategies for Family Law in California, 2013 ed. The list of those writing the book included both powerful figures and industry leaders. Pasadena family lawyer, Mark B. Baer, was approached to write a chapter for this volume. He was honored to be considered alongside these prestigious people. Mr. Baer has been published often, in print and in online media, as his innovative approach to family law is widely respected. For several years, he has contributed to the bimonthly newsletter of the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association. To be asked to work with these other writers is a credit not only to his expertise in all aspects of family law, but also to the positive changes he is working toward in his practice.

Mr. Baer advocates a family-oriented approach that seeks to resolve issues through such processes as mediation and collaborative divorce. He has seen the destruction that aggressive litigators can cause, inflicting wounds that can leave scars as families are torn apart. Mr. Baer understands that the health of the family is paramount, and that this can be maintained even when couples need to part ways. He seeks to be an empathic professional who can help families reach amicable results.

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