Last night, a colleague of mine praised me both for my passion and for my marketing skills. I was very pleased that Tawnya Gilreath took it upon herself to correct his misstatement. She stated that I am very skilled at educating people and causing them to think. I must admit that both statements are accurate.

If I were not able to effectively get my message out to others, how would I be able to educate people or otherwise cause them to think? I have been practicing with the same philosophy for my entire career. However, it was not until I starting writing articles and effectively using the social media to disburse the information that I began to learn that I could help more than just the clients that retain me. I have been publishing articles since September 1, 2008 and using the social media to disburse those articles and other information and materials since April, 2010. It is now May 22, 2013 and only recently have I noticed that people are beginning to comprehend the bigger picture that I have so desperately been trying to explain. In other words, among other things, it took a great deal of persistence on my part.

Since 2010, Writer For Hire Pat Kramer has worked with me on at least 15 press releases that enabled me to effectively get this information out to the Associated Press as well as over a hundred other media. The combination of my use of the social media and Pat's work with the press releases led to enhanced speaking opportunities, interviews with the media and an influx of more suitable clients.

People continue to ask me about the rate of return on a press release. I am afraid that it is impossible to quantify, but while one press release will generate results, ongoing press releases will lead to stable long-term growth. As I have said, persistence is the key. Regularly using press releases as a means of achieving this goal will lead to long-term results. My first couple of press releases generated instant gratification in that they resulted in media interviews, published articles, and substantial hits on my website. However, within approximely one year and six press-releases, I noticed a significant forward momentum.

Whether you are looking for instant gratification or long-term growth, press release can be extremely beneficial.