Mark Baer Selected for the Best of Los Angeles Award 2014: Family Law & Divorce Attorney

Last month, Pasadena divorce lawyer Mark Baer was recognized as the best in L.A. for family law and divorce. The Best of Los Angeles Award lauded Mr. Baer's commitment to defusing conflict in divorce and achieving peaceful separations.

This in itself is a notable accolade. Add to this that Mr. Baer has just received the rare honor of being selected as a Top 100 Lawyer. Just as the name gives away, this means Mr. Baer has been listed in the top 100 attorneys in all of California who serve individuals and families in the legal system.

What does it take to be a Top 100 Lawyer? To be chosen by The National Advocates, lawyers have to do the following, and more:

  • Have a high reputation with court officials, peers, clients
  • Achievements in their field of law
  • Hold a leadership position in a legal organization within their specialty
  • Rankings and ratings by leading national evaluation organizations and associations

Because of his prominent status in the family law field, Mr. Baer is trusted by the media to offer legal opinions regarding current events. This includes regularly writing for The Huffington Post. He most recently wrote a blog post about the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in the Hobby Lobby case.

Mr. Baer continues to maintain a busy schedule appearing on news outlets as a legal analyst. This includes an appearance he just finished filming for the TV show "Snapped: Killer Couples".