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I Am Looking To Get Sole Custody of My Son
I Am Looking To Get Sole Custody of My Son

The following is an inquiry that was just posted on Lawyer.com and an example of the kind of thinking that tends to harm children: "I need a lawyer for a child custody case. I am looking to get full custody." Please don't think that such a statement is unusual. In fact, not ...

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Blog Posts in 2015

  • Can't We Learn from Other People's Mistakes?

    Using a retired judge or anyone else to "evaluate legal positions" is NOT mediation, regardless of what people may call it. Anyone can very easily ...

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  • Increased Court Funding Does Not Result in Increased Access to Legal Services

    " New State Bar president pushes for legal services, court funding " I am an advocate for increased access to legal services and I believe that ...

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  • The Cost of Court Inefficiencies

    I felt compelled to document on my blog the Facebook status update I posted while in court this morning for people to more easily find. The posting ...

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  • The Only Way to Properly Address the Police Abuse is through Collaboration

    Last night, I was interviewed by Jan Stevens on KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO - CBS Los Angeles . The topic was what must be done in order to properly address ...

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  • Confusion of Terminology Is to Blame for the Mediation Confidentiality Debate in California

    On January 13, 2011, in Michael Cassel v. The Superior Court of Los Angeles County , the California Supreme Court held that mediation confidentiality ...

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  • Litigation Is One of Life's Most Stressful Experiences

    On September 13, 2015, I received an email that said in pertinent part the following: "The big stress items in life are often listed as marriage, ...

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  • The Importance of Putting Feelings First in Negotiations

    " A legendary hostage negotiator put feelings first ... Feelings can cloud our judgment." IMAGINE THAT! “The very good negotiators, I think, are the ...

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  • "Mediation" as an "Alternative Form of Litigation"

    Last night, someone was telling us that she "mediated" her divorce many years ago and that her ex-husband failed to comply with the "mediated" ...

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  • Family Law Cases Are the Vampires of the Legal Field

    On May 27, 2015, I attended the Beverly Hills Bar Association's monthly Family Law Section meeting. The topic on that date was "Post-Judgment Spousal ...

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