How Are Your Divorce "Expert's" Biases, Beliefs, Assumptions and Values Hurting You?

On July 18, 2015, the New York Times published an article titled by Penelope Green titled "A New Cadre of Experts Helps Women Navigate Their Divorces."

I am well aware of the existence of such so-called "experts." Having been through a divorce does not make one an "expert." In fact, some of the most destructive family law attorneys, mediators, divorce coaches, divorce concierges and the like are themselves divorced and lack the self-awareness to realize what they brought to the party that led to their divorce and what they did to escalate the level of conflict in their own divorce.

In fact, when I have met some such individuals over the years and asked them which lawyers they refer their clients to, the names they have given me are often some of the most contentious and destructive family law attorneys in town. People would be far better off without assistance from such so-called "experts."

Please note that my comment does not apply to all such people and organizations. However, like with everything else, buyer beware!

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